What about going back to normal life ?

Forget your chronic wound.

Geniouskin uses your own cells to reconstruct your skin, like a natural dressing to close your wounds once and for all.

We've got you covered.

Say goodbye to uncertainty.

Fast and high success rate healing

The patient's own cells are used to reconstruct the skin. It boosts the healing process and limits skin infection or rejection as well as adverse reactions.

Permanent closure of wounds without recurrence

The reconstructed skin is deployed like a dressing to close the wound once and for life.

No more daily care required

The skin dressing does not need to be removed as it becomes part of the patient's skin.

By doctors for patients.

It all started as a clinical research project in 2012 led by Vincent Casoli, MD, PhD and Muriel Cario-Andre, PhD, at Bordeaux University and Bordeaux University hospital.

Today, we're about to make it safe and easy for patients and their doctors to definitively heal chronic wounds.

We're rolling out.

Sign up for our skin regeneration service for chronic wounds, Geniouskin.

No more surgery.

No more rejection.

No more dressing.

No more intense wound treatment.

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